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BestAfrica fuses topics including technology, social history, hard-hitting facts, and questions that weaves a cohesive narrative foundation to power a global and Inter-Africa reality. We bring Africa into the forefront with a vibrant, highly-adaptable, and engaging podcasting portal for Africa. Racism, colonialism, and tribalism must not define Africa and its social environments, which are constantly evolving, and becoming globally significant.

Our mission is to make our community places of pride.

Hello and welcome to website and podcast! We are thrilled to have you here. Our mission is to provide you with the latest news, insightful stories, and engaging content about Africa and its diverse cultures, history, and achievements.
In our website and podcast, you can expect to find:

• News and current events: Stay up to date with the latest happenings in African countries, politics, and the economy.

• Travel and tourism: Discover the best destinations to visit, explore Africa’s stunning landscapes, and learn about unique cultural experiences.

• History and culture: Delve into the rich history and diverse cultures of African countries, exploring their traditions, languages, and arts.

• Business and economy: Get insights into Africa’s economic growth, business opportunities, and investment prospects.

• Health and wellness: Learn about health initiatives, wellness practices, and healthcare services across the continent.

• Education and innovation: Find out about Africa’s educational advancements, innovative ideas, and technology breakthroughs.

• Music and entertainment: Enjoy the best of African music, movies, and other entertainment news and updates.

• Sports: Catch up on the latest sports news, events, and achievements of African athletes.

• Interviews and features: Listen to inspiring interviews with African leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers, sharing their stories and experiences.

• And much more!

To stay connected, make sure to subscribe to our podcast on your favorite platform, and follow us on social media for regular updates. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us through our contact page.

Thank you for joining us at, and we hope you enjoy our content as we celebrate the beauty, diversity, and strength of Africa.

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Our Latest Episodes

About is a multi-platform e-commerce and information media company founded to serve Africa. started in 2010 under Protocol Systems Corporation, an Information and Communication Technology(ICT) provider founded in 1989, based in the USA with offices and Ghana, Africa. mission is to serve as a platform to foster better inter-Africa business development. We promote online understanding and cooperation amongst businesses and consumers with the sole aim of helping grow digital innovations that brings Africa full circle as a player and part of a digital “global village” paradigm.

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Our Latest Podcasts

Our Latest Podcasts