Skip to main content is designed and inspired by the fact that “every business is a digital business”.  Online digitization of “everything” is the future of technology and implies the future of all business. Africa is a huge part of these increasingly interconnected and interdependent worlds. It is no longer a choice but the driver of everything, now, tomorrow and probably forever.”

– Message from our  Lead Architect, Joseph Dabre Ramsey, PhD. –

Executive Team (Advisory Board)

Lilia Li Board Chair
Sindian City, Taipai County, Taiwan

Daphne B Board Member/Gen. Manager
London, United Kingdom

Joseph B. Mutebi Board Member
Famington Hills, Michigan, USA

Dorothy Godschild Board Member
London, England

Mary A. Adumbire Board Member
Accra, Ghana

Annie Acharana Board Member
London, London, United Kingdom