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1. What is BestAfrica? is a multi-platform e-commerce and information media company founded to serve Africa. We promote online understanding and cooperation amongst businesses and consumers with the sole aim of helping grow digital innovations that bring Africa, full circle as a player and part of the “global village” digital paradigm. Through our unique visual business segments, delivers high-quality and engaging content across features, including an online mall, a continental business directory, a jobs portal, and the real estate listing of properties.

2. How do I buy products from BestAfrica’s online malls?

To buy products from BestAfrica’s online mall, simply browse the products and add them to your cart. When ready to purchase, proceed to checkout and select your preferred payment method.

3. How can I pay for the purchase of products?

We accept various payment options, including credit cards and mobile money.

4. How do I apply for BestAfrica’s online mall as a business?

To apply or associate your business with BestAfrica’s online mall, you must create a business account and register your products. Our team will provide the support you need to manage your inventory, receive and process orders, and grow sales.

5. How do I search for jobs?

To search for jobs on BestAfrica’s job portal, select the industry and location you’re interested in and browse the job vacancies listed. You can also use our search function to filter jobs based on keywords and other criteria.

6. How to list a property on the real estate portal?

You must create a real estate company account and register your properties on our platform. Our support team will provide further assistance.

7. Can people outside Africa also buy real estate properties?

No! For now, the portal is only accessible to users living in the region of Africa.

8. Can people outside Africa find jobs or post jobs on BestAfrica’s portal?

No! For now, the portal is only accessible to job seekers and employers from the region of Africa.

9. Is there a return policy for the products purchased from BestAfrica’s platform?

Please note that BestAfrica is a platform that connects consumers and businesses. We do not involve ourselves in the order process; however, we have certain terms and conditions for both consumers and businesses. These policies are merely to make BestAfrica a reliable and secure e-commerce platform.

10. Why did they ask for my personal information?

BestAfrica aims to make the most secure e-commerce platform. It requests its users to provide personal information, such as name, email address, phone number, national identity number, bank details, business number, and more.

11. Is my personal information safe?

BestAfrica is a trusted e-commerce platform where we keep our users’ personal information safe.