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Position:  Technical Architect

Address: Detroit

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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Dr.  Joseph Dabre Ramsey   was an Adjunct Professor with the Department of Computer Science, Wayne State University from 1997 – 2010.  Dr. Ramsey worked s as the Department Information Technology Manager for the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department for 25 years. Prior to joining the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department, Dr. Ramsey was a Consultant in Medical and Business Systems, representing IBAX, a partnership of IBM & Baxter Pharmaceutical for about four (4) years.

  1. Bachelor of Science in Corporate Finance (BS), Wayne State University
  2. Post Bachelor in Computer Science (PBS), Wayne State University
  3. Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Wayne State University.
  4. Doctorate of Philosophy in Information Systems (Ph.D.), Nova Southeastern University.

Dr. Joseph D. Ramsey has extensive experience in various infrastructure projects ranging from water and sewerage constructions, utility industry computing environments, Accounting & Financial Systems, medical and business systems, including capital projects such as Secured Controls and Data Acquisitions (SCADA), Customer Information Systems (CIS), Meters, Oversight Construction & Engineering, etc.