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Best Africa vision is to position our website and podcast as the quintessential and strategic part for Africa in the area of culture, the important drive to unite the connect economically, legally (rule of law) and good governance for the benefit of the over a billion people of the continent.
That sounds like a great vision for your website and podcast! By promoting African culture and highlighting the importance of economic growth, legal frameworks, and good governance, you can help to foster unity and prosperity for the people of Africa. With a focus on these areas, you can provide valuable insights and information to your audience and help to promote positive change throughout the continent. Keep up the great work!

Contact Info is a multi-platform e-commerce and information media company founded to serve Africa. started in 2010 under Protocol Systems Corporation, an open source ICT provider since 1989, based in the USA, Asia, Europe and Ghana. mission is to serve as a platform that fosters better inter-Africa business development.

Address – Protocol Systems

P. O Box DK 343

Darkuman, Ghana, Africa